THEMBALETHU SEYISI is a 3rd-year law student at Stellenbosch University who turned 21 on 2 December 2020. Instead of a conventional celebration, he decided to do something more creative and useful for his birthday: Compile a book of essays about life lessons aimed at empowering and inspiring young people. Themba asked 21 successful people he admires – some high-profile people and some personal heroes – to share one life lesson or insight they wish they had known at 21.

There has been wide media coverage of this book and Themba has been showcasing the causes to raise funds and awareness. 21 Life Lessons has had an impact on many lives in 2021 and will continue to do so.

All profits from sales of 21 Life Lessons @ 21 will be donated to charitable causes: #HelpNatashaGraduate and #Action4Inclusion.